Who and what is EMCLECTIC?

Who and what is EMCLECTIC?

My childhood friend and girl boss supporter, Emily, launched Emclectic in 2019. We had gotten married in the years prior and always came back to discuss just how beautiful our wedding bouquets were and how we wish there were more ways to preserve it. 

She pondered on this thought and (being the insanely creative and talented) person she is, came up with the concept of immortalising wedding bouquets into fine art prints for the home. With this seed of thought, she grew her business into capturing details of big life events (babies, weddings, new homes, holidays) into hand drawn art prints. She's even venturing into custom stationary and just has a knack for making plain things look exciting! 

I am not only blown away by her talent but know first hand just how beautiful her pieces compliment my home. Having my daughter, house and bouquet illustrated in her style and up on my walls makes me feel both nostalgic and proud of the great work she's done and really credit her creativity for paving the way with immortalising these key moments in life, so tastefully!

You can contact her through: www.emclectic.net 
She's an absolute gem and you won't be disappointed. 

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